Tiny Organics Launches First-Ever Finger Foods Line for Baby-Led Weaning: Tiny Beginnings

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tiny Organics, the early childhood nutrition and developmental company, today announced the launch of the first non-puree product in the baby food category created for baby-led weaning (BLW): Tiny Beginnings. Research shows there is a narrow window from 4–7 months when babies are open to tasting more flavors and textures than they will be throughout all of childhood, so parents have a unique opportunity to expand their baby’s palate and nurture their love for healthy ingredients and bold flavors during this time. Tiny Beginnings includes six different meal offerings that incorporate various textures and easy-to-grasp cut sizes to meet the needs of younger children aged 4-8 months.

Backed by Brooklyn Decker – actress, entrepreneur and mother of two – Tiny Beginnings was created to provide busy parents like her the convenience of having pre-made meal options that remove the nuances of deciding what and how to feed their babies. From the desire to raise independent and adventurous eaters, to the pressures of trying to meet all nutritional requirements, Tiny Beginnings helps parents save time while taking the stress out of meal preparation. With BLW, the focus is on maintaining eating as a positive, interactive experience by allowing children to feed themselves at their own pace and take part in a shared family meal. Giving babies the independence to make these choices sets the foundation for a lifelong healthy relationship with food.

“The transition to feeding my kids solids was a challenging one in our house, so I would have loved if this product existed when I was a first time mom,” said Brooklyn. “We chose to invest in Tiny Organics because it provides a huge solution to the often time consuming and expensive task that is feeding our children quality meals, and because it’s a trusted brand. Especially now when there’s so much fear around how to give your kids the safest eating experience, and then to find out you’ve been somewhat misled and that there are metals in your food — a lot of moms panicked. the recipes, the Tiny team was already considering the levels of metals and how their ingredients would be farmed and produced.”

Tiny Organics has built an authentic community of parents nationwide. “There is so much to be said about the benefits of baby-led weaning, having fed my son this way and seeing first hand the impact it makes in a child’s relationship with food through developing preferences towards vegetables from the earliest bites,” said Betsy Fore, Co-Founder of Tiny. “That’s why we are thrilled to finally launch Tiny Beginnings, since it comes as a direct response to feedback from our loyal customer base. Having the added support of some of the greatest minds in the space also speaks volumes to how impactful the BLW process can be to so many first-time parents.”

While each of the Tiny Beginnings’ meal offerings provides adequate nutrients and flavors to appeal to even the pickiest eaters, they also have developmental benefits, such as bringing back the joy of eating with dexterity. Each meal combines a balanced mix of all three macronutrients – healthy fats, protein and carbohydrates – with a combination of 50 different ingredients to enhance the taste and feel of vegetables, increasing the likelihood of lifelong acceptance. One serving meets the recommendations for an infant’s daily vegetable intake.

Tiny Organics has fed tens of thousands of families across the country since its launch in 2020. The Tiny Beginnings launch follows in the company’s mission to deliver 100% organic, plant-based fresh-frozen meals built on vegetables and essential fruits that are free from all top nine allergens with the convenience of no preparation needed. Parents can select a meal plan carefully crafted to suit their child’s developmental milestones.

All Tiny Beginnings meals will be on sale starting today, priced from $5.99 a cup or lower based on combination pack offerings. More information on the product line can be found at [https://www.tinyorganics.com/collections/menu] .

About Tiny Organics
Founded in 2020, Tiny Organics is the early childhood nutrition company building a healthier generation of adventurous eaters with vegetable-first foods for babies and toddlers. Tiny meals are 100% organic, with no added sugar or salt, and never more than 9 grams of natural sugars per serving, and carefully crafted to suit baby and toddler developmental milestones. The Tiny Beginnings product line is also the first non-puree product in the baby food category, created for baby-led weaning. Tiny makes it easy for parents to feed their little ones healthy, nutrient-dense, delicious food, with no prep required and delivered direct to your door. You can find Tiny Organics online at www.tinyorganics.com and on Instagram at @tinyorganics.

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