Shasta fair visitors can expect toasty temps; livestock entries rise

The Shasta District Fair on Wednesday kicked off its annual four days of fun at the fairgrounds in Anderson.

If you go, be ready for triple-digit temperatures during the daytime with clear skies and bright sunshine, according to the National Weather Service.

“It’s going to be toasty,” said Anna Wanless, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

Maddy Reese, 2, of Cottonwood cools down with a frozen banana while getting fanned by her father, Daniel Reese, on a hot Wednesday afternoon during opening day of the Shasta District Fair on June 22, 2022.

Fair-goers can wait until after sundown to escape the high heat. The weather service says nighttime temperatures this week will range from 70 to 74.

This week’s fair activities include live entertainment, carnival rides and games, livestock exhibitions and the Junior Livestock Auction vendor and food booths, and Saturday night auto racing, according to the Shasta District Fair and Event Center.

Fair guests may want to stagger their outdoor fun with visits to shaded indoor exhibits to get out of the baking sun.

Ty Cooke gives a drink of water to Nut at the Shasta District Fair on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. Nut was raised by Macey Bunn of the Foothill FFA and has been judged as one of the top sheep at this year's fair.

The weather service advises fair-goers to drink water, protect their skin with a hat or sunscreen and limit their outdoor stays.

Wednesday was expected to be the hottest day this week, with temperatures reaching at least 106 degrees, Wanless said. Afternoon highs on Thursday through Saturday will range from 100 to 103 degrees.

The good news is there will be little or no wind, Wanless said. Despite the heat and dryness, without wind there won’t likely be elevated fire weather concerns to mar people’s fair fun.

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