Savor Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine as Mizmah Unveils Its Tempting New Menu

A culinary celebration of Arabian heritage awaits at Mizmah this season. The captivating restaurant, located in the heart of Dubai at Grand Mercure Dubai Airport, boasts the best of local cuisine as it launches its alluring new menu. Mizmah strives to take guests on a culturally enriching and gastronomic experience of long-established Arabian plates with rich and inviting dishes.

Vibrant, aromatic and full of flavour, Mizmah is a feast for all the senses. From the alluring flavours, enticing smells and beautifully decorated with traditional Emirati interiors, Mizmah is a must-visit venue for a memorable Middle Eastern experience.


Mizmah celebrates culture, flavors and Emirati traditions in a contemporary way by, helping patrons to reconnect with their roots through indulging in authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. The new menu, specially curated by Chef Mustafa and Chef Rustamjon using their cultures as inspiration, fuses Arab cuisine with Turkish cuisine to create a truly spectacular menu, bursting with succulent flavors and dishes. A signature addition to the menu includes an alluring selection of flavorsome charcoal kebabs such as Sish Tawook, Halabi Kebab and Ali Nazik Kebab to name a few.

The new menu was created to guests to indulge in quality cuisine in a family sharing style experience, with the introduction of sharing platters for friends, families and large groups to enjoy together. Dishes of choice can be served on platters such as Falafel or Sawda Dajaj to ensure there’s a dish to suit all tastes at Mizmah, no matter the preference.

Served with nostalgic flavors and genuine Arab hospitality, diners can expect a unique contemporary twist to favorite dishes such as Paneer Tikka, Laffa Sujuk and Eadas Akhdar. Delicate and indigenous local palates, married with exotic cultures can be savored with every bite of the new menu’s offerings, especially with Mizmah’s very own signature charcoal kebab The must-have menu items are specially curated by the chef using local ingredients, and bursting with traditional Arabic flavours.

The comforting sensation of the pairing of local food and true Emirati rituals promises a memorable dining experience at Mizmah. A flavourful sweet course

to cleanse the palate will be enjoyed with Mizmah’s desserts including the Chef’s special Katmar, Umm Ali, and Cheese Kunafa to name a few. An unfeigned sense of home will embrace guests with invigorating Arabic tea and coffee, spiced with cardamom, saffron and mint fresh from the soq for the extraordinary flavour.


Guests can step into a modern realm of pure Arabesque adornment at Mizmah. The fusion of classical Middle Eastern set-up paired with modern interior design, transports guests into a remarkable venue perfect for evening banquets. The intricate interior of Mizmah showcases customary Arabian artist boasting a one-of-a-kind venue in the city. Priding itself with an unparalleled service with a glint of authentic Arab hospitality, Mizmah is the fresh destination for distinctive Arabic evenings with friends and family.

Located on the Ground floor of Grand Mercure Dubai Airport, Mizmah is open from 7 PM to 10 PM. Reservations can be made by phone at +971 52 267 0398.

Mizmah has implemented health and safety procedures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of guests and staff, adhering to all DHA guidelines.

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