Roman Reigns-related reason why Paul Heyman tries to fight with fans (Exclusive)

Paul Heyman recently explained why he gets upset at fans during dark matches featuring Roman Reigns after episodes of RAW and SmackDown. The Special Counsel also claimed he’s always up for a scrap.

His near-weekly ringside antics during post-show six-man tag team matches have caught the WWE Universe’s attention. The routine involves Heyman getting provoked by a jeering fan, removing his jacket, and running towards them in the front row. Jimmy or Jey Uso would stop the 35-year veteran from climbing the barricade before The Tribal Chief consoles him.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Kevin Kellam, Paul Heyman mentioned that he gets upset when fans don’t acknowledge Roman Reigns. He said:

“I’m not from the Midwest; I’m from New York, which means I’ll whoop your a **,” claimed Heyman. “And I take things very personally, especially when you’re not acknowledging your Tribal Chief. And these are people who refuse to acknowledge The Tribal Chief. I won’t stand for that.” (9: 53-10: 08)

Paul Heyman will deal with anyone who does not acknowledge Roman Reigns

In the same interview, Paul Heyman revealed why his Tribal Chief wants everybody to acknowledge him. He mentioned how Roman Reigns has over-delivered week in, week out on SmackDown, constantly keeping the fans entertained.

The special counsel also stated The Eleventh Commandment in WWE, in a twist from when he did the same while being Brock Lesnar’s Advocate. Channeling his New Yorker self, he is ready to fight anyone who doesn’t acknowledge Reigns:

“I’ll deal with you. The Eleventh Commandment is ‘Thou shalt acknowledge thy Tribal Chief.’ and the Twelfth Commandment is ‘If thou shalt not acknowledge thy Tribal Chief, thou shalt be dealt with by the special counsel.’ “(10:23-10: 42)

Paul Heyman remains a vital part of Roman Reigns and The Bloodline’s act, as his reactions and input continue to make them feel important on the show. He feels they are carrying the wrestling industry on their backs.

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