Raising Dion season 3 is canceled leaving upset fans blaming Netflix

Netflix has officially canceled season 3 of Raising Dion and upset fans are having a go at the streaming company for its decision.

The drama series became an instant hit after its first season was released in 2019. However, fans had to wait over two years for the second installment, which debuted on Netflix in February this year.

Despite fans loving the storyline of the latest season, Netflix has decided it was time to close the drapes on the show.

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Raising Dion season 3 is canceled

Co-produced by Michael B Jordan’s Outlier Society Productions, Raising Dion quickly gathered a huge fan base.

However, the show’s cast members recently took to their socials and announced that it wasn’t renewed for a third installment.

Cast member Sammi Haney, who played Esperanza, took to Instagram to reveal the cancellation news on April 26th.

Alisha Wainwright, who played Nicole Reese, took to Twitter to inform fans of the heartbreaking news.

She wrote: “I feel Raising Dion did so much for little black and brown children and children with disabilities.” The star also shared her gratitude for being a part of the show.

Netflix hasn’t revealed exactly why the show was canceled. But, a report on What’s On Netflix notes a few things that might have contributed to the cancellation.

The outlet noted that the time gap between seasons one and two’s release likely led to a drop-off in viewership.

Following season two’s release in February 2022, Raising Dion fell out of the global top 10 between February 28th and March 6th, meaning it clocked in less than 9.11 million hours in the week.

Upset fans think Netflix should’ve promoted the show more

Fans of the show were thoroughly upset after Raising Dion season 3’s cancellation. Many had a go at Netflix for not promoting the show enough.

“Yall didn’t promote it well. The greatness these actors showed in investing time in these characters has been thrown away. You have failed the new generation of kids, ” wrote a fan.

“Netflix is ​​literally to blame for their own shows flopping THE REASON THEY ARENT PERFORMING AS EXPECTED IS BECAUSE YOU ARENT PROMOTING THEM Oh my god someone save Raising Dion right now,” wrote another fan.

A look at Raising Dion’s plot

Based on Dennis Liu’s comic book, Raising Dion follows the story of Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja’Siah Young).

The mother and son are in a pickle after Dion starts to manifest mysterious, superhero-like abilities.

Season one of the show saw Dion facing the Crooked Man (Jason Ritter). Two years after that, season two follows the youngling as he continues to hone his powers.

Dion becomes friends with new student Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner) – a fellow super kid. However, a series of alarming events reveal that Dion is still in danger.

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