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Mumbai, July 31: Going on a road trip with family is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Children often get tired of road trips. Kids start looking at mobiles to relieve their boredom and spend hours playing games or watching videos on mobiles. Parents also give mobile phones to children to keep them in the moment. Electronic gadgets are a good pastime for children, but their overuse can also have a bad effect on children’s health. If you want to avoid damage to children’s health or eyes, there are some games you can play during the road trip, which will make your journey enjoyable and keep the kids away from mobi.

Play games according to the age of the children
According to the Verywell family, playing age-appropriate games to entertain kids on long road trips will help ease the journey. Games should be such that the whole family can play together. Games can be especially helpful for children who feel uncomfortable on trips or have problems with vomiting. Health Tips: Making Daba for school going children? Check out these healthy tips

Flip Phonics Game
Most children love to cook. In such situations, the flip phonics game comes in handy to teach phonics sounds. It consists of cards of different food shapes and letters written on the back. When the children turn over the card while cooking, ask them to read the alphabet written on it as well. In this way, kids play games on road trips and learn the alphabet too.

Word Phonics Game
If the child is older and can read letters properly, a word phonics game can be played during the road trip. Make a slip of three letters in it. Now play Stone, Paper, Caesar with the child. Whoever wins will pick up the slip and form a word by adding the letters written here.

stick game
During a road trip, you can use ice cream sticks to teach kids phonics. Write all 26 letters of English on an ice cream stick. Ask the child to pick up the stick. The child will say the alphabet written on the stick and also say the three words formed from it.

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Newspaper Hunt Game
Children love hunting games. The whole family can play this game. Take a newspaper and say a letter in it. Ask everyone to find the word associated with that letter. Whoever finds the most words in the shortest time will be the winner. It is a very fun game and kids can play this game for a long time.

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