Meet 5 Dogs And Cats That Deserve A Kind Human In Essex County

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ – A blind-but-resilient cat. A dog found “almost dead” that now suffers from separation anxiety. A possible “bait dog” who was discovered with cuts all over his body. These are just a few of the deserving doggos and kitties that need adoption or fostering in Essex County.

Many animal shelters in New Jersey have reported being slammed this summer, after spending more than two years struggling through the coronavirus pandemic. And it would be a great time for people to step up and give some in-need animals a break, they say.

Meet five of them below.


Bluebell, a kitty available for adoption at the Associated Humane Societies’ shelter in Newark, hasn’t had an easy life.

According to a social media post from the shelter:

“Bluebell came to our shelter five months ago with severely infected eyes. She was living on the streets in significant pain and discomfort. Our hearts broke for little Bluebell, who was also underweight. Unfortunately, due to the severity of the infection, her sight was permanently affected. Bluebell is now living her best life pain-free and is as friendly as can be. She had her eyes removed and is completely blind, but this resilient cat has no problems getting around- especially in your lap for some snuggle time. Bluebell is about 1 1/2 years old and is looking for an adopter or rescue to sweep her off her feet! “

Rescues interested in pulling Bluebell can email People can fill out an adoption application for Bluebell or learn more about adopting animals at the AHS-Newark shelter here.

On Thursday, the East Orange Animal Alliance put out a call for “immediate rehoming” help with Hope, a dog found “almost dead” in East Orange in October 2021.

“She was a long-time shelter resident, but went to a month-long board and train in July and found an adoptive family,” the group wrote. “Unfortunately, this family is not able to put in the time to allow Hope to adjust to life in a home, and wants to surrender her to a shelter ASAP.”

“She does has some separation anxiety, and will do better in a quieter home,” the group added, noting that Hope “comes with a lifetime of training support from Jeff Coltenback Dog Training and more.”

Learn more about Hope or other available local dogs at the East Orange Animal Alliance website here.


The kennel environment can be very hard on many dogs. But according to PAWS Montclair, four pooches in Montclair found some solace by becoming “fast friends.”

PAWS Montclair posted the following message to social media on Aug. 7:

“We are very behind on posting for our dogs. We have been dealing with some medical cases, and we will update in another post, but for now, here are four sweethearts who are residing at the kennel (no open foster homes). I am there every day, and lucky enough to have two volunteers from the area come to help me. We have found that we have four very social, silly dogs who have become fast friends. The kennel environment can be very hard on many dogs, but being there every day, taking them out for walks, car rides, and just hanging out together, and being away from the frenzy of kennel life lets everyone relax and unwind. Because it’s been so very hot, we keep any walks very short and take nice breaks in the shade of trees with water and snacks, kind of like a picnic. And then they’re ready to go back into their air-conditioned kennels! Thanks to Vance and Joanna for their dedication and compassion for the dogs, going the extra mile to help enrich the lives of our ‘babies’ and give them something to look forward to each day. “

Kiki, Zeke, Starla and Rufus are each looking for their forever homes, PAWS Montclair wrote earlier this month. Check out their bios and learn more here.


Looking for a “chunky boy” to welcome into your home? Meet Goliath, a cat available for adoption at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter.

Shelter staff wrote online:

“This big boy was surrendered to a nearby shelter at 8-years-old. Thanks to our recent adoptions, some space opened up and we took him in. He’s now fully vetted, a total mush, loves spending time lounging around (as pictured below), and doesn’t seem to mind other cats. We’re still getting to know him, but so far we can guess that he’ll do best in most homes! “

To meet Goliath, call 973-748-0194 or email See other animals available for adoption here.


Want to see what a wounded dog can look like after some love and affection? Check out Bruno, a canine available for adoption at the Associated Humane Societies’ shelter in Newark.

According to the shelter, Bruno came to them covered in blood with injuries and lacerations all over his body, leading them to suspect he was a possible “bait dog.” But now, the 4-year-old pooch is “grinning ear to ear and enjoying his life post recovery,” the shelter reported Thursday.

According to AHS-Newark:

“He’s a very friendly boy who has a gentle soul. A smile can always be found on Bruno’s face plus his tail wagging all day long! He’s a little puller on leash, but he’s always just excited to get out an enjoy a lovely walk. “

People can fill out an adoption application for Bluebell or learn more about adopting animals at the AHS-Newark shelter here.

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