Meaning of Zesty on TikTok explained as slang term goes viral

It’s been over two years since TikTok took over our lives and the world has practically had to learn a whole new language.

Alongside the funny, bizarre and adorable videos that flood the app every day, TikTok has its own vocabulary full of strange new words.

‘Moots’, ‘sneaky link’, ‘cheugy’ and ‘accountant’ are just a few of the thousands of slang terms that Gen-Z use on TikTok every day.

If you’re older than 16, you probably don’t know what most of them mean and to make things even more difficult, new words are popping up every day.

The latest viral slang word is ‘zesty’, but what does it mean? Read on to find out …

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Meaning of zesty explained

By definition, zesty means “appealingly piquant or lively” and “full of energy, enthusiasm and flavor” – and that’s exactly what it means on TikTok too.

The word is used when referring to a video or trend that is fun and exciting and the hashtag #zesty has had over 78 million views on the app.

In real life, the word zesty is often used in reference to food, but TikTok users are applying it to all sorts of different things.

In simple terms, if something is zesty on TikTok, it means it’s thrilling, entertaining and stimulating. For example, a song, dance, person or movie could all be described as zesty.

It also has a sexual meaning

Whilst some people use the word zesty to refer to something that’s energetic and fun, it’s also developed a raunchy meaning too.

Some people use the term zesty in a sexual way, to describe someone or something that is sexy, provocative or sexually attractive.

For example, if someone posts something on TikTok that is sexually enticing, it could be described as zesty – like a zesty thirst trap.

A thirst trap is a social media post that is designed to attract a certain person’s attention, or multiple people. It’s usually used to entice someone you fancy in a sexual or provocative way.

Thirst traps can be anything from a sexy photograph to an x-rated video, it just aims to get someone’s attention without directly messaging them.

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Seven TikTok slang terms you need to know

  1. CEO: If you’re the CEO of something it means that you’re the best at it, like a CEO of a company. On TikTok, you could be the CEO of a particular dance or challenge.
  2. Heather: A Heather is the pretty, popular girl in school who everyone wishes they could be. It comes from the famous 80s film Heathers which is set in a school.
  3. Accountant: A slang way of referring to a sex worker. It was coined by a TikTok user called @rockysroad who made up a song called “I’m an Accountant”.
  4. Cheugy: Used to describe someone or something that is out of date, uncool and untrendy. For example, a person or experience.
  5. Sneaky Link: A person that someone is hooking up with in secret and no one knows about it. Eg Going to see my sneaky link tonight.
  6. Fruity: Used to describe someone who is part of the LGBTQ + community. Anyone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or feels as though they fit into the LGBTQ + category can be described as fruity ‘.
  7. 4Lifers: A friend, sibling, family member or other individual that means a lot to you and will be in your life forever no matter what.

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