How Much Does the Cast of ‘Days of Our Lives’ Get Paid?

There are certain soap operas that have been around for years. And many of the shows have actors and actresses who have been members of the cast for decades. However, soap operas don’t generally offer the same salaries that a hit Hollywood movie or ABC primetime drama might offer. But that doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t make a decent amount of money. Here’s how much cast members get paid to be on Days of Our Lives.

‘Days of Our Lives’ has been filming for 53 years. | Days of Our Lives via Instagram

The amount of money you make on a soap opera depends on how long you’ve been with the show

Similar to any show, the longer you’ve been on it, the more money you’ll make. There are certain soap operas, such as Days of Our Lives, that have been on for decades. The show first aired in 1965, and some cast members have actually stayed on for as many as 50 years. However, it’s also a daytime television show, and the actors and actresses on the show tend to be less well-known in the acting world. Despite the show’s tenure, those on it don’t usually get paid too much.

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