Here’s A List Of Things Women Can’t Do As Per Gender Stereotypes

People assume that there are so many things women can’t do simply because they are, well, women. As stereotypical as it may sound, there are still people who are so conditioned by the patriarchal ways that they just cannot accept the versatility and abilities of a woman and refuse to acknowledge the heights that they’ve been reaching in various fields even surpassing men in most of them. These Reddit women reveal how people assume things women can’t do simply because of their gender.

Women have successfully reached the Moon as well as climbed Mount Everest to prove their worth and abilities to the world yet there are some pretty ungrateful people who remain unmoved by the female potential and continue to see them as lesser beings.

The patriarchal society of ours has conditioned us to believe that there are things women can’t do by themselves or are just not qualified or capable enough to do them by the virtue of their femininity. Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble because women have accomplished, they have achieved and risen beyond heights to make the impossible possible!

In a reddit thread, women share how the society has conditioned them and often come across typical stereotypes about the things women can’t do or are not good enough at.

These women reveal things people assume women can’t do, all these myths have long been busted

Women are not good drivers

Driving has nothing to do with the gender of a person both men and women can be good drivers. A woman on Reddit wrote that she comes from a family of drivers and she’s equally good at it too. “I’m a very good, fast and safe driver,” she mentioned. Let’s just please put an end to this stereotype.

Existing without a man

Well, if women can push a human being out of their womb on their own and endure the pains and complications it comes with, they can certainly handle a life without a man. A Reddit woman wrote, “Relationships are optional, not a necessity,” while other added “kids are also optional.”

Wear a suit or a tuxedo and look just as good

Women are always conditioned to wear clothes which make them look more “feminine” and if they go out of the way to experiment with their clothing style, they are often tagged as “gay” or “tomboy”. A woman on Reddit shared, “I decided I’m going to wear that on special occasions from now on. Edit: every time I talk with my mom about this, she keeps telling me “why would you wear a suit or a tuxedo? You’re not a lesbian “No I’m straight, but male fashion is my clothing style.”

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Lift heavy things

Why would people assume that we cannot lift heavy things simply because we are women? A Reddit user mentioned, “While I absolutely appreciate the help, I am capable in spite of being a woman.” Taking help certainly does not mean we are incapable of doing something, you know?

Can’t be good advisors

Reddit user Blondedavinci wrote, “I’ve rarely felt like a man legitimately trusted my opinions or suggestions. It often feels like they’re just entertaining me only to go and do the exact opposite of what I advised. ” Why can’t women be reliable in the matters of advises and opinions? Even in a professional setting, women are often ignored and sidelined over the male co-workers simply because their suggestions are not taken into account as much as their male counterparts. Pathetic, isn’t it?

Literally ANYTHING!

Women are mostly schooled about doing their own job and are explained different ways of doing it. Not only is it undermining their potential, but it also come off as sexism and most of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. Marigold5 wrote, “No matter what I am doing, there is always a man explaining to me how I could do it better. I watch men talk to each other with mutual respect. When most men talk to me, I can tell I don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I have to prove my worth and skills despite my assigned gender, whereas men seem to receive a default expectation of competence / knowledge. “


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