Google Maps users amazed after spotting ‘stray’ dog in same spot after 7 years

A Google Maps camera has supposedly captured a ‘stray’ dog living in the same spot in Bulgaria after seven years – the dog was pictured in 2012 and again in 2019

The same dog is thought to have been captured by Google Maps in 2012 and 2019

When using Google Maps, you’re usually checking directions to a new place or once again viewing your own house.

But you never expect to come across something which raises more questions than it answers.

Users have been left amazed after spotting a dog apparently still living in the same area of ​​Bulgaria seven years later.

A series of photos reveal the dog, which is believed to be a stray, roaming the streets of Ruse in 2012 and again in 2019, reports The Star.

The original photo shows the sandy-colored dog appearing behind a car in what appears to be a parking area.

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The dog was pictured in Ruse both times


Google Maps)

In the latest image captured by the Google Maps camera car, the dog can be seen lying on a cobbled surface on Matei Stoykov Street.

The images and location were posted on Reddit by user Edish03 on the Google Maps subreddit.

News of the Google Maps camera managed to capture what appears to be the same lone dog twice has astounding users on the social news discussion website.

One user commented under the post: “Omg that’s crazy.”

However, some users found it hard to believe it’s the same dog and lead to speculation it could even be one of its offspring.

The discovery was shared on Reddit


Google Maps)

A user wrote: “It might just be that dog’s puppy grown up.”

One of the users said it was “unlikely” it was the same dog and “most likely one of its kids”.

While others entered the discussion by disagreeing it was a child of the 2012 stray and firmly believing the two dogs are the same.

According to the Neuter Network, Bulgaria had 10,000 strays in the capital of Sofia in 2012, the year the dog was first recorded.

In 2016, the government in Bulgaria said it caught more than 22,186 stray dogs, according to the Sofia Globe.

Dogs on Google Maps have become a popular pastime for users with dozens of cute canines delighting people.

Google Maps launched in February 2005 as a “new solution to help people get from point A to point B”. It is now used by more than one billion people all over the world every month.

They randomly schedules its car to come around, possibly to guard against people from performing stunts when it’s on route. However, they do update their satellite images once every one to three years.

Most recently, it announced its Live View, which helps users better navigate the world around them by providing them with arrows and directions clearly overlaid on their maps.

A Google Maps statement reads: “We launched Google Maps as a useful way to help people get around.

“As we’ve added features and capabilities, Google Maps has evolved into much more than a website that gives you turn-by-turn directions.

“Today, it’s a gateway to exploring the world — both digitally and in real life, on foot or by car, via public transit or a wheelchair.

“The world is constantly changing, and so is the way we get around in it. And as it does, Google Maps will be there every step of the way, building new tools that help you navigate, explore and get things done, wherever you are. “

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