EXCLUSIVE! ‘I would love to do a Rich girl and Middle-class boy’s love story if the channel approves’

MUMBAI: Sandiip Sikcand brings a new show for Star Bharat titled Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai, the concept and storyline are extremely intriguing to see a single mother and a little one’s story that crosses paths with a movie star.

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Well, the show stars Sayli Salunkhe and Karan V Grover as leads. As we know, Karan is a superstar in the show and Sayli has adopted Zoon, while Zoon wants to have Ritesh as her father and she shall become the thread between the two and turn cupid for their relationship.

In an exclusive conversation with Sandiip Sikcand, we asked him about his take on the Industry, actors he would love to cast and more.

Why do you usually follow the format of the Rich boy and Middle class girl in all your shows?

Very honestly, I cater to the TV norm, as I say I want to make content that is different but not that different that looks out of the box. In TV shows, all the boys are big shots and the girls are middle class. Be it Rohit Sippy in KHKT, Raghav Rao in MHRW and now Ritesh Malhotra in BPKH. They are all rich guys and all the girls are middle class, only in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, the heroine was rich and that’s how I have been told that people couldn’t sympathise with her as she wasn’t middle class or poor. If at all I get a chance, I would love to change this, I would love to have a middle class boy and a rich girl and see what happens in those changed dynamics. But no channel wants to approve that so I am sticking to what channel approves.

What goes behind casting culturally apt actors for all your shows?

I always feel that we need to cast actors who are fluent with their language and add something to the characters that they are given. With Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali, I had cast Marathi actors, I strongly feel that we don’t give enough importance to our regional actors. I am also doing a show on Star Pravah called Aboli and it is doing so well. The kind of actors that Marathi and Telugu television are far superior to are our Hindi television actors. I feel most of them are quite nonsensical, they just have their inferred egos and I will always try and bring regional actors as much as possible as the real talent is there. Our Hindi films are bombing left, right, and center but the South Indian films are working fantastically well. People have realized that this is a creative medium and you need good talent and not just good faces.

Who is that actor you would love to work with for your upcoming projects?

I would like to cast Divyanka Tripathi, she is such a good actor. I am a full fan of her work. I would even love to explore Vivek Dahiya’s talent, he has a lot to offer. I would love to work with Aboli from my show. I see on Instagram there are certain actors who are barely famous with just one show and they really don’t know how to act. To be an actor, you need to change yourself completely on-screen. I like to work with actors who genuinely know their craft.

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