Evil Dead: The Game – Every Famous Actor Who Returned

The release of Evil Dead: The Game has brought back several of the Evil Dead franchise’s most iconic landmarks, from leading man Bruce Campbell to realistic gore physics that bring the series’ big-screen horror elements. Featuring a single-player game mode, co-op matches, and cross-platform PVP, Evil Dead: The Game is a survival horror title that allows players to take the role of either the survivors or the Deadites. Many fans of the genre have brought up the game’s similarities to Friday The 13th: The Gamewhich likewise stems from an iconic horror franchise.

Although rumors circulated regarding a new Evil Dead game for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S for quite some time, it wasn’t officially announced until the 2020 Game Awards. Initially set to come out at some point in 2021, the game was later delayed to February of 2022 and then pushed back one more time to May 13. Developers cited the addition of Evil Dead: The Game‘s single-player game mode for the delay. Pre-orders launched with four different versions of the game available for Evil Dead fans to buy, though the Collector and Ultimate Collector’s editions have since been sold out. Prospective players can still purchase either the Standard or Deluxe editions, though PC players should note that Evil Dead: The Game is not on Steam, and is instead an Epic Games Store exclusive.


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Survival horror enthusiasts aren’t the only ones looking to get into Evil Dead: The Gamethough, as longtime fans of the Evil Dead franchise are anticipating the chance to play as and alongside its iconic characters. Since the series started in 1981, its seen the release of several films, a television series, multiple video games, and dozens of comic book issues. As a result, there are quite a few characters for developers to use. Better still, though, is that most of the actors of the original films and the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show are reprising their roles in Evil Dead: The Gameincluding Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams.

Bruce Campbell Is Ash Williams In Evil Dead: The Game

Bruce Campbell is no stranger to doing voice work for video games. As recently as 2019, he was serving as the voice of Ash Williams in another survival horror multiplayer game, Dead by Daylight. Although he claimed in 2021 that he was retiring from playing the character, it’s been confirmed that the Ash featured in Evil Dead: The Game doesn’t just bear Campbell’s physical likeness but also his voice. Given Campbell also stated that he wouldn’t be opposed to voicing an animated version of the character, his openness to lending his voice to Ash could mean that he’ll stick around to voice any additional Evil Dead-related DLC that is set to be released after the game’s launch. Content based on Army of Darkness has already been confirmed, with additional DLC packs expected to follow.

Ellen Sandweiss Is Cheryl Williams In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game - Every Famous Actor Who Returned Cheryl

First appearing in the original Evil Dead movie, Cheryl Williams is the sister of franchise hero Ash Williams and one of the first victims of Deadite possession to appear in the series. Her original actress, Ellen Sandweiss, would go on to portray her in additional appearances, including the Ash vs Evil Dead television series. Sandweiss likewise returns to voice her in Evil Dead: The Game, which should prove nostalgic for fans who have stuck with the franchise from its first film. Gameplay previews for Evil Dead: The Game have shown that players can possess others while playing as a Deadite, which could serve as an exciting callback for those playing as Cheryl.

Dana DeLorenzo Returns As Kelly Maxwell In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game - Every Famous Actor Who Returned Kelly

Appearing in every episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, Kelly Maxwell effectively serves as one of the franchise’s primary protagonists. It’s little surprise that she returns as one of the survivor characters in Evil Dead: The Game, voiced by her actress Dana DeLorenzo. Kelly is in the Hunter class in Evil Dead: The Game, making her adept at ranged tactics. She also a special perk that allows her to dodge attacks without using stamina. With the title featuring leveling-up system as well as skill trees, players will be able to watch characters progress throughout the game. Survivor and killer characters could become stronger as a result.

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At launch, Evil Dead: The Game will feature four playable survivor classes and three playable demons. The survivor classes include Leaders, Warriors, Hunters, and Supports. Additionally, survivors will have many weapons to choose from, including Ash’s iconic chainsaw. To that end, players who particularly enjoyed the Evil Dead television series will be able to customize Kelly’s playstyle quite a bit. Her actress isn’t the only recognizable individual returning to the cast from the series, though.

Ray Santiago Is Pablo Simon Bolivar In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game - Every Famous Actor Who Returned Pablo

Pablo serves as Kelly’s love interest throughout the Ash vs Evil Dead TV series, so it only makes sense that both characters would return in Evil Dead: The Game. Also returning is his actor Ray Santiago, who will be providing his voice for the game’s version of his character. Given how many other familiar faces could be brought back from the show’s canon, perhaps Evil Dead: The Game will eventually be able to contend with Dead by Daylight‘s impressive cast of survivors.

Betsy Baker Is Linda In Evil Dead: The Game

Although Ash vs Evil Dead is the most recent production set within Sam Raimi’s horror franchise, Evil Dead: The Game is making sure that all of its live-action productions are featured. There are also quite a few callbacks to the original film, particularly when it comes to the cast. Linda, Ash’s girlfriend in the first movie and antagonist in the second, thanks to her Deadite possession, will be coming back in May’s release of Evil Dead: The Game. Although several people have portrayed her throughout the years, her original actress from 1981, Betsy Baker, will be playing her in the upcoming title.

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The possession mechanic is a significant element of the original Evil Dead films and the rest of the franchise. Evil Dead: The Game will be introducing it into its gameplay. Players can take on the role of the Kandarian Demon in multiplayer, possessing Deadites, different elements of the environment, and even other player characters to cause mischief and mayhem. It should serve as a unique element that could help set Evil Dead: The Game apart from some of the best games in the survival horror genre.

Richard DeManincor Returns As Scott In Evil Dead: The Game

Scott, otherwise known as Scotty, is responsible for organizing the cabin trip that kicked off the entire Evil Dead franchise. It seems only fitting that he return in Evil Dead: The Game. Though his actor, Richard DeManincor, might not be as widely recognized as celebrities like Bruce Campbell, his return lends further authenticity to the game. Given that Evil Dead: The Game‘s developers are trying to recreate the look and feel of the original films, it’s nice to have Scott back, even if his role outside of the first Evil Dead was relatively small.

Theresa Tilly Is Back As Shelly In Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead The Game - Every Famous Actor Who Returned Series

Of course, plenty of other callbacks to the first film will also be present. Evil Dead‘s ultimate edition contained a replica Necronomicon, for example, and the other characters from the first film are likewise included in the game itself. Shelly, Scotty’s girlfriend, will be played by Theresa Tilly just as she was in the original movie, which is coincidentally her only live-action appearance in the franchise. She has, however, appeared quite a few times in various comics and video games based on the series. Evil Dead: The Game is her latest franchise appearance, and it will be interesting to see how developers set her apart from previous iterations of her character.

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