Elvis Presley played El Paso in the ’50s and’ 70s: Trish Long

As the movie Elvis, which explores the life and music of Elvis Presley, is in theaters this weekend, I am taking a look back at Elvis’ trips to El Paso.

Elvis first performed in El Paso on April 10, 1956. Tickets were $ 1.50 in advance, $ 1.75 at the Coliseum door.

April 12, 1956, Herald Post

Police Protect Singer From Bobby Soxers

Ten policemen held off a screaming mob of bobby soxers at the Coliseum last night. The youngsters were clamoring to get at their idol, Elvis Presley, who sang here.

Officers had worked out a plan ahead of time to prevent possible trouble by the enthusiastic audience.

Several police held the crowd back while others escorted the singer out the back entrance to a waiting car. Presley escaped into the night before his fans got out of the building.

1956: Elvis Presley plays the Florida Theater in Jacksonville.

Fan Club President Gets Autograph from Elvis

When Elvis performed at the Coliseum on Nov. 10, 1972, there was no concert review. The big news was that a local fan got his autograph:

Miss Bennie Steward, president of the Elvis Now Fan Club, is happy with her two souvenirs from the superstar’s recent visit to El Paso – an autograph for her club’s scrapbook and the memory of his hug.

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