Drink And Dine In The Lap Of Luxury At Chica – An Incredible Food Crusade Awaits You

Delhi is home to many upscale restaurants and new ones keep cropping up from time to time. Some of them live a short life and some live on to remain in our hearts. Chica is one restaurant that is here for the long haul. The discerning population of Delhi is always looking out for newer experiences but what we are always seeking is opulence, luxury, soothing ambience, and of course, good food. Chica tick marks everything in our checklist. The high-octane restaurant had been riveting Delhiites looking for a good time, and it piqued my curiosity to visit myself to try it out.

It was a memorable evening. The rain Gods had given a momentarily respite from the blazing summer heat and it was the perfect day to experience the alfresco dining at Chica. While the weather put me in a good moment, my spirits went soaring high the moment I stepped into the restaurant that is nothing short of an architectural marvel. The entrance arch brimming with mesmerising multi-hued flowers takes you inside the open French-themed garden which is a meld of greens and blooms offering a nature’s getaway in the midst of the chaotic city. Not that the indoor dining area was any less beautiful.


A Gastronomical Journey To Remember:

The menu at Chica is inspired from the stories of the Samurais to the journeys of Sultans, and focuses on Asian & Mediterranean cuisines, bringing forth the fusion of the two – MediterAsian!

While I was enamored by the gorgeous setting, my taste buds were thanking me for treating them to an ambrosial meal. I kicked off my dinner with heady cocktails (must-try – Sunset Boulevard) paired with my favorite sushis; and to my delight first came in Kamikaze – a clever amalgamation of salmon, tuna and crabstick that let out a font of flavours. Mango and Avocado sushi came in as quite a surprise – I wasn’t very sure about alphonso in sushi but I quite liked it. The sweetness of the fresh mango complemented the creaminess of avocados. The platter pf dimsums had Bokchoy Wrapped Chicken, Smoked Pork Gyoza, Sesame Prawn & Caviar, and Gold Leaf Charcoal Scallop & Asparagus. While I enjoyed all these dimsums, I felt Bockchoy Chicken could do better with more juices. However, the flavors were on point.


Next on my table was Mint Crispy Lamb combined with crispy lotus stem – it was so delicious that I wanted to lick off the whole bowl. Crispy meat with a bang of well-balanced flavors – it was just perfect. And that’s why it gets my vote for the most recommended dish in Chica. Edamame Kawarma – tender chicken flanked by edamame hummus, paired with pita bread is another must-try entree that worked up my appetite for more.

Thankfully, I was brought the chef-special Pump – Sourdough Pide which was more like an eye-opener. If you thought pumpkin on pizza was just a farce, you need to try the Pump in Chica to understand why the concept made waves. Chef Adit Grover neutralised the tanginess and sweetness of pumpkin with the robust flavors of goat cheese and chimichurri. Caramelised walnuts lend in the right amount of crunch and arugula leaves made it refreshing to the core. After having the fantastic pizza, my palate rejected the baos that were served, but then, the best was yet to come.


My meal came to a sweet end with Miso Caramel Cheesecake and Bailey’s Tiramisu. And I have no qualms in admitting that it is the best Tiramisu I have ever had. The pungency of Baileys and bitterness of cocoa were muted to put forth a soothing, creamy, sweet dish – and that’s what desserts are supposed to be.

Chica’s menu reflects the culinary evolution of its creators with every bite seasoned with deliciousness. This place is not be missed.

What: Chica
Where: One Golden Mile, New Delhi, Bhikaji Cama Place
When: 10 am to 1 am


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