Disney + To Add “Ad-Tiered” Prices To Make Services More Affordable For Families

Disney + will be offering “ad-tiered” subscription options in hopes that it will make the service more accessible to families everywhere. Disney has always been known to provide quality family entertainment. This could be through their movies, their music, and their theme parks.

Families know that they can count on Disney when they need something to entertain their children that would also throw in some morals and values. Disney +, the streaming service, has been a dream come true for a lot of families, and since it launched right at the beginning of the pandemic, it was very popular.

However, streaming services are still not accessible to a lot of people due to financial insecurity, something the pandemic has made worse. According to CNBC and HypeBeast, the company is going to be launching an ad-tiered option for families in the hopes of making it more affordable and accessible.

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This option would have different prices based on whether you are ok with having ads play during your viewing experience. If you don’t want to see ads, then you would pay the normal price; however, for a cheaper fee, you will have ads play throughout the shows and movies you are watching.

This could be a great option for families who want to access the service but cannot afford to pay the full price for it. It will give them the chance to have this content available for their kids, at a reduced cost. Disney has not set a date as to when this will be available, but they have said that it will be by the end of this year.

Disney + is not the first streaming service to offer this option, with Netflix already stating that they are planning on doing the same thing. However, other streaming services are already implementing this ad-tiered programming, and it must be working well for them.

HBO Max, Paramount +, and Discovery + are the companies that already offer services on a tier based on ads. The company has said that this is not only a good thing for companies who want to advertise to millions of subscribers, but it is beneficial for families as well.

There is no information on what the exact pricing will be just yet either; however, Disney has also said that they are hoping that this option will help them reach their subscriber goal. They want to hit 260 million subscribers by the end of 2024.

Sources: CNBC, HypeBeast

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