Celebs Share Their Excitement And Plans Of Watching Films In Theaters

To encourage cine-goers to celebrate a day at the movies, the Multiplex Association of India (MAI) has crowned September 23 as National Cinema Day. On this day, tickets across India will be charged ₹ 75 for all. This has come as a pleasant surprise for all film aficionados.

Celebs share their thoughts on the occasion. They also sound excited about the day as they open up about their plans of watching a film of their choice on this special day.

Nyrraa M Banerji

If I get the time, I’ll definitely watch a film in the theater today. As an actor, it is really important for me to be a part of this. And, I really want to thank everyone who watches our work and appreciates it.

Somy Ali

That’s a wonderful opportunity as you can’t get the actual intensity and hard work put into a film unless you go to the theater. With the pandemic and other hardships of life that are inevitable, this is an excellent treat for movie buffs and moviegoers. I am super psyched about this initiative as it’s always good to see activities taking place to bring joy to our people. Especially since 2020, we have all suffered so many losses. I am looking forward to going to the cinema here in the US. Not sure what I will see yet, but will definitely be going. Hats off to MAI for this initiative. Anything that brings happiness to the public is cherished and appreciated given what we have all endured universally. I can’t wait!

Vijayendra Kumeria

It’s a nice initiative to encourage people to go to the theaters and celebrate National Cinema Day. I hope there is good footfall. It’s a nice strategy by the multiplex association to attract people during this boycott phase that films are facing. I’ll be happy if people show up in great numbers as it will be a good thing for the industry. Having said that, the multiplex should reduce their pricing on normal days too is what I feel. I am not sure if I’ll be going to watch any movie as I haven’t planned anything yet.

Sidharth Sagar

I am really happy about National Cinema Day as after a long time everyone can get together and have a good time with family and friends. Everybody should keep themselves safe using masks and sanitisers so that our celebration doesn’t invite corona back into our life. Since I’ll be shooting, I won’t be able to watch a film on September 23, but whenever I’ll get time, I’ll surely go with my family and friends to watch a movie. Brahmastra is the movie I’d like to watch.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I think it’s a fantastic initiative to celebrate National Cinema Day. We all love watching films, it is an integral part of our lives. Creating a space, especially for cinemas and slashing ticket prices to 75 across the country is a good initiative. It is a good way to encourage people to go and watch films in theaters. I hope this works really well. If I do get time on September 23 from my shoot, I would definitely go and watch a film.

Neelu Kohli

Yes, on September 16, my film is releasing in the theaters and it’s called Saroj Ka Rishta. Since the tickets are going to be priced at Rs 75, I’m going to be very happy taking my entire family because yes, going to the movies these days has become an expensive affair. I really applaud this welcome move by MAI on National Cinema Day, and I think this should be made mandatory. If possible, they should lower down the price of tickets in general. Then especially the kind of low that films are going through.

Ashoka Thackur

Yes, I am really excited about September 23, as this is something different and unique happening. I am planning to watch Brahmastra on that day. Celebration is definitely needed for cinema day in a country like India which is filled with film lovers.

Ssudeep Sahir

It’s a good move to have National Cinema Day. We all, whether actors or non-actors thrive on cinema for entertainment. I am an avid moviegoer. If I am free, I will definitely go and watch a movie on September 23. The price of ₹ 75 for movie tickets will surely increase the footfalls, especially the youth flock to theaters.

Amal Sehrawat

In India, anything which is offered at a discounted price is always welcomed. And when it happens at the cinema, it’s something which we all love. So, I’ll surely be going to a late-night show as I am shooting for a daily soap in the day. It is a fantastic initiative and we must celebrate cinema. I will go to watch Sita Raman with my family.

Angad Hasija

Cinema needed a day for a long time. Who doesn’t like to watch a cinema and if the tickets are on offer it is all the better. I will surely go and watch a film but it can only be late at night because I am shooting for a daily soap in the day. I will go and watch Brahmastra. There is no substitute for watching the film in a big theater.

Shehzad Shaikh

I am very excited about National Cinema Day. I think after a very long time maybe on this occasion it gives me a good reason to finally go and watch a movie on the big screen. I am looking forward to cinema day a lot even though my medium is television. I really love this initiative because it’s a good move to bring people back to theaters. Hopefully, a lot of people get to enjoy the luxurious experience as well which generally not everyone can afford given the high-ticket prices. But on this day, they can watch anything for just Rs75, which is a good deal. I am thinking of going for ‘Brahmastra’, also because I am wholeheartedly a true Ranbir Kapoor fan.

Hiten Tejwani

National Cinema Day should be celebrated every month. I am really excited about this day. I believe everyone will be happy with this initiative and the reduced ticket prices will encourage all the cinema-goers to go with their families.

Prathmesh Sharma

I am very feverish about the day! In my opinion, it’s an appreciable initiative. It will be very pocket friendly for those who don’t have a lot of money to have a world-class cinema experience like in IMAX where the usual ticket starts from 800rs and it’s also a sign of equality. It doesn’t matter how much your appetite to pay is, you will still be charged 75 rs for any seat be it recliner or classic. I am sure I will go if I get time. I will watch Brahmastra or Sita Raman.

Mausam Dubey

This is such a huge and memorable day. I really want to thank MAI (Multiplex Association Of India). These kinds of initiatives are required, this is a gift for all moviegoers. When savings and entertainment will be served to them together, MAI will make them smile even brighter. I’ll be very honest, I work as an actor in the industry, so for me, every day is National Cinema Day, but yes, I am very happy with this initiative. We can remind the world how fun it is to go to the cinemas. MAI’s Initiative is gonna play a pivotal role in our industry, and it’s going to be an immense day for films and filmmakers and it’s going to be a memorable day for all of us.

Ajita Kulkarni

This has come as a gift for all moviegoers. I am extremely excited. After the pandemic, this is an awesome opportunity for families to go and watch their favorite movies in the theater. I am also going to watch Brahmastra.

Ankit Raj Jha

I am very excited and I think it’s a great initiative by the multiplex association of India. In my point of view in every movie, there should be a day where the cost of the ticket should be rupees 75 for the students only because they are not earning yet. Well, I think I will watch “Matto Ki Cycle” cause I am a very big fan of Prakas Jha sir.


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