Boring Look Into the Lives of the Wealthy

First Class is a reality TV series with 6 episodes, each with a runtime of around 45 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Step into the lives of a group of friends in Barcelona who share a love of over-the-top fashion, luxurious parties and exclusive events.

– First Class review does not contain spoilers –

What did the audiences do to be blessed with two reality TV shows in a single week? A day after watching Snowflake Mountain we get the Spanish reality series First Class which is honestly something to behold.

An absolute chaotic 6 episodes will make you wonder whether this is all that you deserve in life. And I say this because the host of people we see on the series are just so bland that it’s difficult to actually be excited to get such a deep look into their vapid lives.

Self-professed party people who love to throw money around for anything and everything give us mango people a look into their glamorous lives as they wear extravagant clothes and kiss each other on the cheeks. You watch them interacting and making big deals about the weirdest things and feel almost empty inside – it looks exhausting.

The bigger the better – that seems to be the theme in this Barcelona party that apparently never ends. It’s a life that is not achievable, for the most part, to those who work everyday jobs and live everyday lives. However, how many of us would actually want to live a life like this? That’s a question that really interests me.

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first class

So, if we’re not looking forward to such a life, why spend 6 episodes watching some insufferable people being ‘cool’ and saying the weirdest and most empty things? I guess if you’re bored and need something new to watch this week, First Class is a good idea. If nothing else, then you’d be left shocked at the insanity on the screen.

We also get an in-depth look into the lives of the socialites in First Class; so close, in fact, that we learn about where all of them have had plastic surgery and how one of their fake boobs turned upside down because of doing yoga. I mean, it’s so weird that it’s entertaining to hear people share this on Netflix but it also makes me feel like my soul is leaving my body so really, it’s a confusing time to be alive.

There’s also some drama while our celebrities plan one lavish party after another but they fight about the most pointless things with such passion that it’s almost shocking that Netflix wants us to take them seriously. I would’ve understood if it was ironic, but these moments don’t seem like they are which is even more confusing!

Summing up: First Class

first class

First Class almost feels like a cruel joke by Netflix. A remake of Bling Empire, the show is so over-the-top that it’s entertaining but too vapid to be taken seriously. It’s a guilty pleasure that you’ll hate so much that you’ll love it, especially because the conversations that these people get themselves into are nothing but empty words spoken by rich people.

First Class is streaming on Netflix.

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