Akron Art Museum shares past

Museums are not static places. They grow and change.

More often than not, institutions such as art museums reflect the triumphs and the challenges of the community in which they exist.

Art review:‘Witness to Wartime’ documents Japanese-born US painter’s life, especially his forced incarceration during World War II

In recent years, the Akron Art Museum has gone through some tough challenges. A group of employees who had been laid off at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic aired complaints about alleged workplace violations that included racism, sexism and bullying of employees by supervisors.

The complaints led to the resignation in May 2020 of then-director Mark Masuoka. The two years since that time have seen the museum work to address these issues and recover from the upheaval in the workplace and the challenges of the pandemic that have affected the arts sector throughout the world.

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