AgCertain Industries Acquires Blue Cheese Maker Maytag Dairy Farms

AMES, Iowa — AgCertain Industries, Inc., a food, agricultural and bio-based product development, manufacturing and marketing company based in Ames, IA, today announces its acquisition of Newton, IA-based Maytag Dairy Farms, manufacturer and marketer of the world-famous Maytag Blue Cheese as well as other specialty artisanal food and beverage products. Midwest Growth Partners (MGP), a private equity firm based in West Des Moines, Iowa a shareholder of AgCertain Industries and the previous owner of Maytag Dairy Farms, expands its investment in AgCertain Industries by facilitating this acquisition. “The combination of these two companies supports continuing success and spurs greater potential for growth across AgCertain’s growing set of brands, products and services,” states John Mickelson, Managing Partner of Midwest Growth Partners.

AgCertain Industries and Maytag Dairy Farms both operate with rigorous food safety measures and certifications and the strength of both organizations, working together, is clear. AgCertain is excited to acquire Maytag Dairy Farms. “In my experience, I have developed a deep appreciation for what makes Maytag Blue Cheese so special. Maytag’s success is rooted in its commitment to quality and I believe the company has tremendous opportunity to grow and provide a broader range of products and services to our customers,” states AgCertain Industries’ CEO, Daniel Oh.

Founded in 1941, Maytag Dairy Farms has a legacy of providing high quality, small batch, crafted cheese and other specialty products to the business and consumer marketplace. With its acquisition by AgCertain, Maytag becomes part of a larger organization with the ability to accelerate recent successes in modernizing and growing its business. Maytag has recently been expanding its product line-up to include new cheeses, artisanal honey products, and a honey-based wine product (Mead). AgCertain, located in Ames and Boone, Iowa, provides Organic, Non-GMO and highly certified, traceable specialty oils as well as USP grade glycerin. “Today’s consumer cares more about where their food comes from,” states Daniel Oh. “The ability to control the quality of ingredients in our products and produce them in a highly certified and traceable way, provides the certainty which customers value.”

“By combining our two Iowa-based companies, we are able to create deeper branding opportunities and expanded product sales opportunities for both organizations,” Daniel Oh states. He also points to the ability to leverage the talent of management and staff in both organizations, “a combination that will provide a quicker growth trajectory and enhanced employment opportunities for staff members in both organizations.”

Maytag blue cheese will continue to be made by the expert cheesemakers in Newton, IA. To follow the story of Maytag Dairy Farms, sign up for the newsletter at


Operating within a highly certified, traceable production and distribution system that ensures delivery of specialty, quality-assured products and services, the AgCertain team connections and integrates with customers to create the collaboration which is fundamental to sophisticated supply chain management. Most transactions are conducted in a business-to-business manner on a direct commercial or contract manufacturing basis. AgCertain is a portfolio company of the private equity firm, Midwest Growth Partners, based in West Des Moines, IA. (

Maytag Dairy Farms

Since the first wheels of blue cheese were turned out by Frederick Maytag II in 1941, Maytag Dairy Farms has been making a truly American artisan blue cheese in Newton, IA. Unparalleled devotion to creating the world’s finest blue cheese means each wheel is handcrafted by expert cheesemakers, carefully cave ripened, and hand wrapped in the signature blue and silver foil…it is a favorite of cheese connoisseurs and chefs across the country. Maytag Dairy Farms markets and sells its products direct to consumers through its ecommerce site, and through commercial channels direct to retailers and to retailers, restaurants and other food service channels through a national network of brokers, distributors and wholesalers.

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