4 Rejuvenating Luxury Resorts In Southeast Asia For A Getaway

Long weekends are always precious, and adding a few more day-offs with the long weekends is like cherry on the cake. With international travel slowly going back to the pre-pandemic era, it has become easier to pack bags and leave for a quick vacation. Now you can easily make the most of the upcoming long weekends by checking out of reality, and into these relaxing resorts around Southeast Asia, especially if you’re in need of a short getaway. By Chayanin Thaijongrak

These four destinations and their luxury resorts in Southeast Asia are perfect for soaking up the sun, splashing amongst the waves, and living the high life. With luxury living at their core, they’ll make for the most rewarding short getaway trips, so you can expect a weekend of unadulterated bliss.

From white sand and clear blue seas to lush forests and grandiose mountains, these resorts will answer all your getaway desires in Southeast Asia, especially if you’re a nature lover.

4 most relaxing luxury resorts around Southeast Asia for the perfect short getaway:

Amanjiwo, Java, Indonesia

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