10 Brilliant Ways For Moms To Save Time In The Kitchen

One of the chores that many moms look forward to the least is cooking. Cooking requires a lot of time and energy spent in the kitchen. Busy moms don’t have the energy and patience for it as they have to juggle cooking with parenting and other responsibilities. That is one of the many reasons why moms that have hectic schedules resort to getting fast food for their kids.

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Moms get fast food for their kids even though they know it is not the healthiest thing. What if moms did not have to resort to fast food? There are hacks that they can utilize when it comes to making their tasks in the kitchen easier. Listed below are 10 ingenious ways for moms to save time in the kitchen.


10/10 Choose Meal Kits

Moms that don’t have the time to go grocery shopping often or that don’t want to have their groceries delivered can use the option of subscribing to companies that offer meal kits. Meal kits, such as Blue Apron are very popular since they not only reduce the number of grocery store trips to be made. However, they also provide pre-measured meals for families. That in itself removes a lot of stress since moms don’t have to spend too much time measuring out ingredients and food to cook.

Additionally, meal kit packages provide the time estimated that it takes to cook up the meals. This way moms can plan around that as well.

9/10 Have The Table Pre-Set With Stacked Up Plates

stacked up plates

One of the most time-consuming things for moms is having to set the table before dinner. In fact, this is one of the things they dread the most aside from cooking. They need to juggle in grabbing the plates from the cupboard and distributing them on the table as they are cooking. There is a simple solution.

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What moms can do take a stack of dishes and place them in the middle of the table the night before. This way, they will not need to worry about having to grab plates from the cupboard. The are already on the table and can be distributed at the last minute plates.

8/10 Portion Snacks Out Before Putting Groceries Away

portioned out snacks

Moms that want to help control the portion of snacks that her kids grab can do it quite easily. They can grab Ziploc bags and put portions of snacks in each of the bags right after they unload the groceries. This saves them time from having to portion out the snacks that their kids want at a random time. This way, the kids can just grab a bag of the snack that has been portioned out whenever they choose.

That also means that the kids do not need to interrupt their moms when they are hungry for a snack. That is why moms should keep the bags accessible within the reach of the kids.

7/10 Wash Veggies And Fruits Before Putting Them Into The Fridge

woman washing vegetables

One task that takes up a lot of time in the kitchen before dinner is having to wash up vegetables. Moms can eliminate that task by washing up the fruits and vegetables right after she purchased them from the grocery store. Then they can put them away into the fridge.

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Once dinner time approaches, then that means that moms do not have to spend the extra time washing the vegetables. They can just grab them right from the fridge and that is it. If the kids want to have fruit for dessert, they can just grab them without them needing to be washed.

6/10 Slice Them Up Once A Week

sliced ​​fruits and vegetables

Another time-consuming thing that moms do in the kitchen as they prepare for dinner is having to slice up vegetables and fruits. The best thing for them to do is to schedule in a time and day to slice them up. Then they can store them into separate Tupperware containers to put into the fridge. That way moms can just grab the sliced ​​vegetables for when she is preparing dinner.

When it comes to slicing apples that go brown quickly, there is a way around that. Slice them up, squeeze a lemon on them. Allow the juice to coat it, and then put them in containers.

5/10 Crockpots Are The Best

slow cooker

What is so great about slow cookers? Anyone can set them and forget them. In fact, crockpots are any mom’s best friends. For instance, if she goes grocery shopping in the morning, she can make dinner as soon as she comes home quickly. She could grab pre-packaged beef, carrots, and potatoes, wash them up, and throw them into the slow cooker.

She can turn it on and then go about her business. This would have eliminated a lot of cooking time. All she would have to do is clean up since preparing dinner would not be necessary.

4/10 Make Lunch Before Cleaning Up Dinner

kids making lunch

Moms dread having to make their kids’ lunches every night so they don’t have to do it in the morning as they are off to school. However, the kids wind up not having time, or really wanting to make their lunches at night. They are busy with completing their homework and watching television. That is the last thing they want to do. Since neither the moms or the kids want to make their lunches at night, there is a simple solution.

Right before the dinner leftovers are put away, the kids can make their lunches right then and there with the food there. After that, mom can clean up after. And it is a nice feeling to know that no more time needs to be spent in the kitchen in the evening making lunches.

3/10 Fill Hot Water In The Sink With Soap To Do Quick Cleaning

cleaning up a pan

Cleaning up pots and pans after dinner is just as time-consuming as taking the harder route when it comes to meal preparation. There is a simple solution to making the cleaning job even quicker. That is by filling up the sink with hot water and adding some dish soap to it. After that is done, then moms can quickly clean up the pots and pans in the sink filled with hot water. After that, she can give them a good wipe.

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Before she washes the pans the next day again for dinner prep, she can quickly rinse them out to remove any soap residue.

2/10 Keep Utensils Frequently Used By The Stove

stove in the kitchen

One major time-waster in the kitchen for moms is when they have to dig around and look for utensils while wanting to use the stove. That problem can be solved right away by placing the utensils that they will need right by the stove. If they are accessible to moms, that will remove a lot of the frustration right there.

The same goes for any type of cookware that they plan to use on a particular day. It is best to always leave the pots and pans on the stovetop the night before as well. That will remove the need for them to waste time looking for those too.

1/10 Plan Meals Ahead

meal planner

Whether the mom has a meal kit subscription or not, meal planning is a crucial part of simplifying the job in the kitchen. Moms that don’t do any meal planning have to guess what their kids want on a given day. And the kids would say they want a particular dinner that cannot be made since the ingredients are there.

Planning meals for the week is important to do and the kids need to be aware of what to expect for dinner as well. A great day to start planning meals for the week ahead is each Sunday.

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